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Healing Harmonica – 6 ways to improve your life by learning to play the harmonica

Healing Harmonica – 6 ways to improve your life by learning to play the harmonica

1. Increase lung capacity. Playing the harmonica strengthens the diaphragm because it requires deep inhales and exhales.
2. Carry a song with you. It is the easiest instrument to take on the go! Just stick it in your pocket and when you are moved to play a tune it’s right there! Harmonicas are fairly inexpensive and easy to learn!
3. Creative outlet. Is there a song in your heart? Express yourself and let your creativity flow! Playing the harmonica can be a great expression of your creativity.
4. Learn something new. Grow as a person and improve your quality of life. It’s our Community Education theme and we are passionate about it!
5. Keep your brain sharp. Not only will the deep breathing help your body but concentrating on the notes and music will keep your brain functioning at top capacity! You will gain hand-eye coordination by playing the harmonica.
6. Create friendships. The best thing about all of our classes is that you get to meet people with similar interests. Many of our lifelong learners make lifelong friendships in Community Education classes.

4 Reasons to get Fit for Life!

4 Reasons to get Fit for Life!

Exercise – Let’s face it, we all know we need to exercise. This class will keep you moving and improve your flexibility. The teacher challenges you but also lets you move at your own pace so the class is designed for beginners as well as seasoned pros.

Fun – This class is just plain fun! The teacher plays a wide range of music that will keep you hopping. The other students in the class will keep you motivated. You will smile, laugh, dance all while getting the exercise you need!

Instructor – Linda Welter loves her class and you will see her passion! She is enthusiastic, professional, and really cares about all of her students. She has been a fitness instructor for over 30 years!

Accountability Partners – Once you join, you will find the support you need to stay motivated. The other students will help you with accountability and not only that but you will help them! In this class, you will create lifelong friendships!


No Gym Zone – Join a Clovis Community Ed Class

4 reasons to take exercise classes at Clovis Community Education

When we say community we mean community! You will find that our classes are held in a friendly, relaxed environment. Most of our students are just like you. They took the initiative to commit to something and have the desire to learn something new. Our students support each other, especially in our fitness classes.

2. No Gym Zone
If you don’t like the gym, this is the place for you! Gyms can be intimidating especially for people just wanting to get more active. It’s hard to form relationships with others at the gym because most people just want to get in and get out. Our classes are more affordable and much more relaxed than the gym environment. And no contracts!

3. More Bang for Your Buck
We are able to offer classes at reasonable prices. We are a non-profit organization. We are passionate about our classes and we want everyone to be able to afford them.

4. Community Education Teachers have Passion
We have the highest quality teachers around! They are individuals who are passionate about what they teach and want to share with their community. Sometimes, our students turn out to be lifers. They find a class and instructor that works for them and they never stop taking classes! We love lifelong learners!

4 Ways to Get Active in Clovis

4 Ways to Get Active in Clovis

Clovis Walking Trails
Clovis has amazing walking trails. Most of the trails are paved and provide beautiful scenery like trees and parks. There are many rest stops along the trails. It’s a fantastic, safe way to get outside with other people and get active! You can ride your bike or walk. Map out your trail today for an all-day adventure or just take a morning walk.

Recreational Sports in Clovis
If you love sports but haven’t played in awhile you should definitely check out the City of Clovis Recreation Leagues. They have softball, basketball and floorball (it’s like hockey with no ice!) leagues for adults. There are also many beautiful golf courses in the area or if you love tennis check out the Clovis Tennis Club.

Hiking Trails Near Clovis
Let’s face it, one of the best reasons to live in Clovis is our proximity to the beautiful surrounding foothills and mountains. is a fantastic resource for finding trails for the beginner to the advanced hiker. The San Joaquin River Gorge is considered an easy hike and is an excellent way to get outside and get active!

Clovis Community Education Exercise Classes
If you are just starting out on wanting to be more active and are not quite ready for an all day hike, try just taking an exercise class! The great thing about Clovis Community Education classes is that there are other students who want to get active but are not thrilled with the gym environment. Our teachers are passionate about teaching people to get active and be healthy.