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Ready to join a rock band?

We have the classes for you! Our expert instructor is a great teacher and he will have you rockin’ in no time!

Beginning Guitar & Bass
Learn to play the guitar or bass! Play chords, learn strumming, finger picking and learn the parts of your instrument and their function. Come join the fun and learn your favorite songs.

Rock Fuzion Music – School of Rock
Have you ever wanted to play in a band? Are you ready for the next step? Are you looking for people to jam with? This class is for those who play the keyboard, bass, drums, guitar or sing vocals and want to improve their musical skills in a band setting. Come join the fun and work on your favorite songs.

NEW Nashville Sound
Do you love new country music? Learn to play the guitar and play modern country. Play chords, learn strumming, finger picking and learn the parts of your instrument and their function. Come join the fun and learn your favorite songs.

Learn to play the guitar today!

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Stress Busters at Clovis Community Education

Stressed?  We understand.  We believe in healthy living, mind, body and soul.  Look at some of our best stress relieving classes:

NEW Stress Happens!  Rather than fussing about the stress in our lives, we can put our energy into finding ways to become more stress-hardy. In this class we will explore stress relieving techniques that can be used immediately:  breathing to relax, guided imagery and gentle exercise for tension relief, mindfulness, simple time management and work/life balance tips, and much more. I invite you to take this opportunity to discover what calm and self-care can bring to your daily life.  Lynn Kimbark has worked in the Medical field for over 25 years as a Health Educator, guiding her patients and clients on their path to wellness, positive self-care, and stress management.

Meditation – Learn meditation techniques for everyday living.  Both guided meditation and self meditation techniques will be covered.  Begin a new routine that can help with improved memory and reduced stress levels.

Bonsai – This class is a gateway into the art of Bonsai. Students in this class will create their own Bonsai trees. Starting with a Pre-Bonsai tree and an empty pot, the class will move through the creation process. Students will learn how to shape, repot, treat illnesses, and properly water a Bonsai tree.  Students will also learn how to care for Bonsai, as well as the history and traditions relating to Bonsai. This class is designed for beginners or those who are looking to expand their knowledge.

Yoga – We offer many yoga classes during morning, evening and even Saturdays.  Check out our yoga classes HERE.

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The joy of crafting

Crochet  – Crocheting is becoming a lost art.  This class will start you off in reviving this art.  Crocheting will provide you with hours of relaxation and enjoyment while making beautiful creations for yourself and gifts for family and friends.  Learn the basic stitches, how to read patterns and understand abbreviations, and select yarn.

Knitting – Knitting is a wonderful relaxing pastime.  This class will get you started on how to make beautiful items for yourself and gifts for family and friends.   You will learn the language of knitting, basic stitches, abbreviations, how to read and interpret patterns, select yarn and much more.  Several projects will be offered in the class with patterns provided by the instructor.

Learn a new craft to give you hours of joy!
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Do you love reading, writing and acting?

We have a great new class for you!  This is a great way to connect with your creativity and meet people with similar interests.

NEW Readers’ Theatre  Reconnect with your imagination and expand your knowledge of the English language.  In this class we will read, dissect, give our own interpretation and act out some great works of Shakespeare.  We will work in groups and learn to foster our own creativity and appreciate others with similar interests.  This is sure to be a fun and inspiring class for all those interested in reading, writing and acting.

Learn something new today!

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Interested in learning a new sport?

We have some fantastic professionals that can help you to learn something new and get you active!

NEW Karate Class!  This is a beginning level karate class taught by Sensei Quitoriano from Mr. C’s Karate in Clovis. Sensei will help improve and develop your physical strength, endurance, confidence, discipline, respect, and motivation. Both men and women are welcome!

Hula Hoop a Sport?  Yes.  You will be amazed at how much of a work out hula hoop can be!  Do you remember being a kid and just picking up that hula hoop and going for hours while listening to your favorite tunes?  This class is designed with fun in mind!  You will be amazed at how hula hooping strengthens your core and helps with balance.  It is a fun, motivating way to get your daily exercise!

Learn Golf from a Pro.  Learn the fundamentals to the short game, such as: putting, chipping, pitching, and sand. Also, how to hit fairway shots and tame your driver. Class is taught by USGTF Hall of Fame Instructor, Jim Perez, at Bluff Pointe Golf Course and Driving Range. Jim is also on CBS Channel 47 giving a tip of the week every Tuesday morning.

Acquire a Life-Long Love for Tennis.  Discover a great new way to get outside and exercise. Join our tennis instructor in a class devoted to learning the fundamentals involved in the game of tennis. In this six week program, you will learn the form of the many different shots and scoring system to get out on the court and navigate your way through competition. This class will emphasize the fundamentals of form with enjoyable exercise all while having a great time out on the court.

Learn a new sport and get active!

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Healing Harmonica – 6 ways to improve your life by learning to play the harmonica

Healing Harmonica – 6 ways to improve your life by learning to play the harmonica

1. Increase lung capacity. Playing the harmonica strengthens the diaphragm because it requires deep inhales and exhales.
2. Carry a song with you. It is the easiest instrument to take on the go! Just stick it in your pocket and when you are moved to play a tune it’s right there! Harmonicas are fairly inexpensive and easy to learn!
3. Creative outlet. Is there a song in your heart? Express yourself and let your creativity flow! Playing the harmonica can be a great expression of your creativity.
4. Learn something new. Grow as a person and improve your quality of life. It’s our Community Education theme and we are passionate about it!
5. Keep your brain sharp. Not only will the deep breathing help your body but concentrating on the notes and music will keep your brain functioning at top capacity! You will gain hand-eye coordination by playing the harmonica.
6. Create friendships. The best thing about all of our classes is that you get to meet people with similar interests. Many of our lifelong learners make lifelong friendships in Community Education classes.