Clovis Adult Education | Fall I/II Course Catalog

21 Community Education 559.327.2876 | COMMUNITY EDUCATION DANCE BASICS FOR BEGINNERS This class will cover steps and concepts from many different dance styles. Taught at newcomer level we will move through foundations of line dance, social dance skills, and jazz at a comfortable steady pace If you want to just move in a simple structured format and enjoy great music, this class will get you off to a great start! Low-heeled, closed-toe street shoes or dance shoes recommended No class meeting 11/21 T 5:00-5:45pm 8/29-10/17 8 Classes Gateway MPR Dickerson $69 T 5:00-5:45pm 10/24-12/12 7 Classes Gateway MPR Dickerson $59 LINE DANCING FOR EVERYONE Learn the great classic line dances in a structured yet easygoing manner A‘just for fun’ class perfect for beginners where no partner is needed Let loose and boogie down to a wide variety of music. Instructor Leah Dickerson has been performing and teaching for over 11 years with Franco Productions Come join in the fun and learn many motivating line dance routines No class meeting 11/21 T 6:00-7:00pm 8/29-10/17 8 Classes Gateway MPR Dickerson $69 T 6:00-7:00pm 10/24-12/12 7 Classes Gateway MPR Dickerson $59 FITNESS DANCE EXERCISE Getting fit will be a blast in this low-impact dance class. Instructor Leah Dickerson will lead you through Swing, Jazz, Ballroom, and Latin steps incorporated into fun routines No partner needed Learn social dances we all know and love mixed with classic and motivating music that makes this class more like a party than a chore. From the Charleston to the Cha Cha, let’s work off those pounds together! No class meeting 11/21 T 7:15-8:15pm 8/29-10/17 8 Classes Gateway MPR Dickerson $69 T 7:15-8:15pm 10/24-12/12 7 Classes Gateway MPR Dickerson $59 FIT FOR LIFE! Whether you are wanting to get in shape or stay in shape, this class has it! Men, women, young or old, feeling good and staying active can be fun! Stretching, flexibility, cardio, strength training, and light free weights are all done to motivating music. This class will give you energy and help you de-stress! Our instructor has been a popular physical fitness educator for Merced College and for Clovis Adult Education. This class promises to be the most fun you will ever have getting “Fit for Life!”. Feeling good feels GOOD! No class meeting 11/21, 11/23 T/Th 6:00-7:00pm 8/29-10/12 14 Classes Sierra Vista MPR Welter $109 T/Th 6:00-7:00pm 10/24-12/14 14 Classes Sierra Vista MPR Welter $109 YOGA – BEGINNER This Vinyasa-style class is a foundationbuilding yoga class that will cover basic postures while connecting breath to movement. This class moves at a moderate pace and gives students the opportunity to build their strength, flexibility, yoga knowledge, and reduce stress You’ll work every muscle through movement and breath at a balanced pace. Modification offered to make all postures accessible to all No class meeting 9/25, 11/20, 11/22, 12/4 M/W 5:30-6:30pm 9/6-10/16 11 Classes CAE H2 Martucci $89 M/W 5:30-6:30pm 10/25-12/6 10 Classes CAE H2 Martucci $79 “I need to take this again! Two more times and & I won’t embarrass my wife at the wedding.” — Student from Leah Dickerson’s dance class

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