Clovis Adult Education | Super Summer Fun | 2022

11 Come on a journey to Hogwarts, where you will be sorted into your houses, make and use your own wands, play wizarding games like quidditch, learn to cook the food of Hogwarts, and go on many magical adventures as we explore the world of Harry Potter! If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this class is for you. T/Th 8:00-10:00am Neufeld Room 19 $199 T/Th 10:10am-12:10pm Neufeld Room 19 $199 You can be a sought-after babysitter! Class will help a new sitter get started and to make an average sitter above average. Topics covered will be: how to get babysitting jobs, characteristics and the needs of children at various ages, safety and first aid, ideas to keep children occupied, effective discipline techniques, easy snacks, and more! At the end of this course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. M/W 8:00-10:00am Adanalian Room 7 $199 Do you enjoy being outside, growing fun flowers, and watching exciting wildlife? If so, become a crafty gardener! Every day, we will be studying the great outdoors through fun activities such as growing our own plants, creating outside games, and making birdhouses. Come ready for a great *thyme* this summer! M/W 8:00-10:00am Gutierrez Padilla Room 5 $199 Escape the video games. Discover the wonderful world of other games: board, strategy, card, parachute and many more. Many jumbo versions as well. Have fun playing games while learning the history and strategies of them. M/W 10:10am-12:10pm Owens Room 18 $199 Enjoy themed parties every class! Students will participate in crafts and activities to go along with each theme. They will have fun each class playing different party games! All parties are exciting for boys and girls. This class is perfect for the kid that just wants to have fun! M/W 10:10am-12:10pm Gutierrez Padilla Room 5 $199 Are you a barbarian or a wizard? An elf or a half-orc? Come find out by joining the Tabletop Role-playing Class! Learn to create cool characters, write adventures, and play some of the most engaging board games around! If you like writing, telling stories, or just rolling the dice, this course is for you! T/Th 10:10am-12:10pm Bishop Room 13 $199 In this class you will build, build, build. You will be using Legos, Tinker Toys, Blocks, Magnet Tiles and more. You will think of an idea, imagine what it will look like and build it. Use your imagination and have creative fun at the same time. T/Th 10:10am-12:10pm Owens Room 18 $199

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