Clovis Adult Education | Super Summer Fun | 2022

8 Get Creative All that glitters isn’t always gold. Sometimes it’s all the colors of the rainbow in the form of glitter, crystals, paint, sequins, and rhinestones. Come along and create personalized items and specialized gifts that gleam with a touch of your creativity. The things we can create are almost endless. There will even be selected times to bring your own favorite items from home that you want to jazz up with sparkling accents! We might get messy...old clothing or aprons are optional! T/Th 10:10am-12:10pm Welter Room 2 $199 In this class you will use paint, glue, fabric and more to create many fun and exciting craft projects. Students will use their creativity and leave with at least one great project each week! M/W 10:10am-12:10pm Welter Room 2 $199 M/W 8:00-10:00am Bishop Room 13 $199 Experiment, design, master and accomplish your artistic visions in this class! We will use our hands to create works of art in a wide variety of genres and mediums. We will learn how to transform everyday objects into great works of art. If crafting and art are in your soul, you need to take this class! T/Th 8:00-10:00am Adanalian Room 7 $199 T/Th 10:10am-12:10pm Adanalian Room 7 $199 This class promises a summer of sparkle and shine! Join us to create jewelry, crafts, and other trinkets using crystals, rhinestones, glitter, and other things that “bling.” We will explore our artistic creativity while producing beautiful, yet practical items that are modern and chic! Sample creations include: key chains, bracelets, notebooks, picture frames, candle holders, and more! M/W 8:00-10:00am Welter Room 2 $199 Can you make a beautiful window light catcher out of a coffee filter? Do you paint rocks to look like your favorite animal? If you love creating and using your hands to make something out of nothing you will love this class! Our fearless instructor will lead you on a creative journey to discover the beauty and art in all things. Let your imagination go wild and join the fun! T/Th 8:00-10:00am Welter Room 2 $199 If the idea of wearing your own art makes you happy, this is the class for you! We will make all kinds of fun wearable art with beads, charms and much more! This class is perfect for the creative soul who wants to learn more about jewelry making! T/Th 8:00-10:00am Tokatian Room 12 $199 T/Th 10:10am-12:10pm Tokatian Room 12 $199

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