Clovis Adult Education | Course Catalog | Spring II-Summer 2018

26 Community Education | 559.327.2876 COMMUNITY EDUCATION ART 102 - WATERCOLOR I & II Designed for those who have little to no experience in watercolor as well as those who are more advanced, this course will focus on getting comfortable with watercolor painting techniques and enjoying the process of painting. The basics of materials, tools, techniques, color, value and composition will be explored. The class is designed to be fun and inspirational and will focus on how to relax and enjoy the process of painting. Bring: PRANG OVL-8 Watercolor set, 11" x 14" Strathmore Bristol Smooth Surface 300 art pad, watercolor brushes: 1/2" flat brush, #6 round brush and #2 round brush are required. Questions? Contact instructor: . Th 5:30-8:30pm 5/24-6/21 5 Classes CAE B3 Parra $99 Th 5:30-8:30pm 7/12-8/16 6 Classes CAE B3 Parra $109 ART 103 - PAINTING WITH SW PARRA Discover how painting with acrylic paints can ignite the artist within! In this class, you will learn many techniques and skills using acrylic paints. If you feel overwhelmed at the art supply store this class will give you a great understanding of products that will enhance your paintings. All levels are welcomed, but the class will primarily focus on beginning skills. Our instructor is local artist Steven Parra and he is available for questions at . A full supply list will be emailed to enrolled students. No class meeting 5/28. M 5:30-8:30pm 5/14-6/18 5 Classes CAE B3 Parra $99 M 5:30-8:30pm 7/9-8/13 6 Classes CAE B3 Parra $109 ART 007 - CREATE AN ONLINE COMIC BOOK Have you always wanted to create your own comic book? Our expert instructor artist and illustrator, Steven Parra will help you navigate through Adobe Suite to create your own online comic book This class is a great opportunity to express yourself and learn something new. Class will be held in our computer lab using Adobe Suite so bring your creative ideas and a USB drive to save your work. Questions? Contact instructor: . T 5:30-8:30pm 5/15-6/19 6 Classes CAE A7 Parra $109 T 5:30-8:30pm 7/10-8/14 6 Classes CAE A7 Parra $109 COOKING Classes include a culinary experience with our expert instructors, hands- on cooking for the students, the cost of food, new recipes and the joy of learning to cook something new! EATING FOR HEALTH This is a hybrid cooking/nutrition class with nutritional guidance and healthy lifestyle "hacks" as well as a food prep demonstration and tasting, including a grocery store tour for healthy choices. No class meeting 5/28. M 7:00-9:00pm 5/14-6/25 6 Classes Heal One World Studio Kelly $79 M 7:00-9:00pm 7/9-8/13 6 Classes Heal One World Studio Kelly $79

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