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24 Community Education | 559.327.2876 COMMUNITY EDUCATION ■ CREATIVE ARTS ART ART EXPLORATION: PAINTING AND PLAY Explore the possibilities of painting materials and techniques! Great for beginners or artists looking to break out of comfort-habits. Bring your curiosity and a willingness to play and experiment! This class emphasizes the artmaking process itself, in addition to the final product. Abstraction, expressionism, mixedmedia, and contemporary approaches to drawing and painting are strong influences of this course. Mediums will include acrylic, collage, oil pastel, and other basic as well as unconventional materials. You will also learn how to stretch and prime your own canvas. Students will purchase their own supplies - a list will be provided. The instructor is an artist with her Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Art, and has taught art at various art organizations. Please note that this is NOT a representational-based or paint-and-sip style course No class meeting 7/3. M 6:00-8:30pm 6/26-8/7 6 Classes CAE B3 Meadows $119 DRAWING FROM THE IMAGINATION! AGES 14+ This is a drawing/sketching class where the key component and primary source of inspiration is “The Imagination”. The class doesn't require any prerequisites, nor formal drawing or art-making skills perse. The only requirement is an open mind, a curiosity to discover, invent, reinvent and create magical characters, and worlds drawn from your individual imagination, and have fun doing it! While the primary focus will dwell in the realms of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and its genres, there will be opportunities to explore other areas such as Superheroes, etc. The class is also an excellent starting point for someone who is interested in pursuing a career as a professional “concept artist”. Art that is prominently featured in video games, movies, television, comics, graphic novels, etc. For additional information, and a list of required materials email the instructor at W 6:00-8:00pm 5/10-6/21 7 Classes CAE A11 Parola $109 W 6:00-8:00pm 6/28-8/9 7 Classes CAE A11 Parola $109

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