Clovis Adult Education | Winter-Spring 2021 | Course Catalog

29 Community Education 559.327.2876 | COMMUNITY EDUCATION FOREIGN LANGUAGE SPANISH-INTENSIVE CONVERSATIONAL TRAINING I Bilingual status is a tremendous advantage in today’s multicultural society and can increase your marketability in California. Learn to read, write, speak and understand basic Spanish in just weeks. With practice and exposure, two hours a day, two days a week, you will truly be able to maximize your learning. Textbook is included in the price of the class. Questions? Contact the instructor: No class meeting 3/30, 4/1. T/Th 6:00-8:00pm 1/12-2/18 12 Classes CAE D1 Miller $169 T/Th 6:00-8:00pm 3/9-4/22 12 Classes CAE D1 Miller $169 SPANISH–INTENSIVE CONVERSATIONAL TRAINING II Reach Spanish fluency by participating in conversational practice sessions! This is an intermediate Spanish course that will give you the confidence and ability to communicate more efficiently. In this class you will learn the correct verb usage by learning how to use the six most important Spanish tenses. With each session, you will increase your fluency and your writing skills. Speaking and writing Spanish proficiently will enable you to build successful business relations in any type of profession. Questions? Contact the instructor: Textbook is included in the price of the class. No class meeting 1/18, 2/8, 2/15, 3/29, 3/31, 4/5. M/W 6:00-7:30pm 1/11-2/24 11 Classes CAE D1 Miller $119 M/W 6:00-7:30pm 3/8-4/26 12 Classes CAE D1 Miller $119 SPANISH – BEGINNING CONVERSATIONAL LEVEL I In just a few weeks you will learn how to use basic conversational skills. Whether you plan to travel or need to communicate on the job, this class will provide you that opportunity. We will concentrate on vocabulary and everyday phrases. You can order the textbook for this class online: Spanish In 10 Minutes A Day, 7th edition, ISBN: 978-1-931873-30-7. For questions email the instructor: fernando_mar_2000@ . No class meeting 3/31. W 4:30-6:30pm 1/13-3/3 8 Classes CAE D13 Marquez $109 W 4:30-6:30pm 3/10-5/5 8 Classes CAE D13 Marquez $109 HOME WOODWORKING PROJECTS Are you frustrated because you can’t find the right frame, shelf, or table? Then make it yourself ! Learn basic skills, safety, use of hand tools, woodworking machinery, design, and materials, in a lecture and hands-on format. Bring a project idea to the first class. Material cost not included in class fee. No class meeting 4/1. Th 6:30-9:00pm 1/14-3/4 8 Classes Clovis High H9 Ostergaard $139 Th 6:30-9:00pm 3/11-5/6 8 Classes Clovis High H9 Ostergaard $139

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