Clovis Adult Education | WInter/Spring I 2023 | Course Catalog

24 Community Education | 559.327.2876 COMMUNITY EDUCATION ■ CREATIVE ARTS ART ART EXPLORATION: PAINTING AND PLAY This course is akin to a series of miniworkshops in which you will experiment with various supplies, embrace play in mark-making, and ref lect on what you are drawn to in your own art-making. You will also learn how to stretch your own canvas. This is geared towards practicing artists and those with prior art experience who would like to break out of comfort-habits, experiment, and ref lect on process. Beginners are welcome, yet this is a course about jumping in without fear of making something “look perfect”. Please note that this is NOT an “intro-learn-how-to-draw-and-paintstep-by-step”, representational-stylebased, or paint-and-sip-style course. If you are inspired by the creativity and fearlessness of children making art, this could be for you. Process over/as well as product, abstract expressionism, and contemporary approaches to mixedmedia are strong inf luences of this course. We will be using a variety of mediums and materials, conventional and otherwise (including but not limited to acrylic, oil pastel, and some supplies you may have last used as a kid). Students will supply their own supplies - a list will be provided. No class meeting 4/3, 4/10. M 6:00-8:30pm 3/6-4/24 6 Classes CAE B3 Meadows $119 INTRODUCTION TO BLOCK PRINTING Want to create artwork using textures and layers of color unlike any painting or drawing technique you’ve tried? This class introduces you to the art of block printing, a relief printing technique that combines aspects of drawing, painting and woodcarving. Block printing is believed to have originated in Asia over 4,000 years ago, traditionally using hand carved wooden blocks, originally a technique for creating designs with intricate patterns on fabric and later onto paper and also to print text.We will use linoleum blocks whichwe will carve with special tools to create our unique relief carvings - like a large rubber stamp, and learn how to layer color to create stunning block printed designs. No class meeting 4/4. T 6:00-8:00pm 1/17-2/21 6 Classes CAE B3 Siakovich-Inshaw $99 T 6:00-8:00pm 3/7-4/18 6 Classes CAE B3 Siakovich-Inshaw $99 COLLAGE ART Want to be artistic but worried about not being able to draw or paint?Want to try a new way of expressing your artistic side? Explore the art of collage-making! This class will explore a few techniques of creating something new from something old! Combining magazine clippings, photos, and other forms of print, students will discover the art of combiningmultiple elements of “unrelated” things to form cohesive, unique pieces that have a unified message/point of view. This is a largely generative class, so come ready to create! We will explore 3 different styles No class meeting 4/4. T 6:00-7:30pm 3/7-4/18 6 Classes CAE D1 Hawkins $69 I learned a lot of artistic techniques and how my “mistakes” can be re-made into something wonderful and creative. — Student from Jamie Meadows’ Art Exploration class.

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