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Beginning Belly Dancing

Whether your goal is to perform, dance for fitness, or spend some time with your girlfriends once a week, belly dance is a great outlet for artistry, fun, and fitness!

Belly dancing is a uniquely female-centered art form that celebrates femininity no matter one’s age, fitness level, or body type; increase your self-confidence, restore your feminine side, and feel beautiful!  There’s a reason women have been belly dancing on this planet for close to 6000 years!  Devote at least an hour a week to de-stress and focus on this ancient, beautiful art form that celebrates the power and depth of YOU, and see what happens to the way you move through your day!

Class begins Wednesday, 3/29-5/10 at Studio 65, 7:00-8:30pm, and cost is $89.

Studio 65 is located at 2965 N Maroa (just south of Shields Ave).  If you have any questions, please contact the instructor, Annette Federico, at bellydncr@Comcast,.net, or 559-284-6425.

Register on our website, by phone at 327-2876, or come by the Community Ed office in G1 on the Clovis Adult Education campus.