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This class is a gateway into the art of Bonsai.  Students in this class will create their own Bonsai trees.  Starting with a pre-Bonsai tree and an empty pot, the class will move through the creation process.  Students will learn how to shape, repot, treat illnesses, and properly water a Bonsai tree.  Students will also learn how to care Bonsai, as well as the history and traditions relating to Bonsai.  This class is designed for beginners of all ages, or those who are looking to expand their knowledge.  A variety of pre-Bonsai tree species will be used to ensure that students are guaranteed to find the tree that suits them.  Students must bring their own straight-edged garden hand shears.  All other materials will be provided (material fee required, see below).

Donald Hoisington has over ten years of experience with bonsai and is the owner of Bullseye Bonsai, a Bonsai Nursery.  If you have questions please feel free to email Donald at

A $30 material fee payable to the instructor, which includes the bonsai tree, pot, soil and wire.  You will leave the class with your very own Bonsai tree!

This one-night class meets Wednesday, 10/25 from 6:00-9:00pm, and registration fee is $29.  Register on our website, by phone at 327-2876, or stop by the Community Ed office on the Clovis Adult Education campus.  We are located at 1452 David E. Cook Way, near the corner of Herndon and Sunnyside in Clovis.

Learn something new about Bonsai with Clovis Community Ed!