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Family Management – Organizing Strategies for Parents and Kids

“The family is the nucleus of civilization”  -Will Durant.  This may be a scary statement if your family feel chaotic.  So how do we combat chaos when kids, toys and crazy schedules rule the roost?

Professional Organizer and Coach, Brenda McElroy, offers practical tips and tools to create a more peaceful and productive home.  Strategies include organizing kid’s rooms and keepsakes, family schedules, chores, meal planning, teamwork, and routines.  Whew!  You will be inspires and equipped to make transformational changes in your home and family!

This one-night class is happening Tuesday, Feb 7th from 6:30-8:30pm on the Clovis Adult Education campus, and cost is just $29.  Make it a transformation Tuesday and get signed up today!  Register on our website, by phone at 327-2876, or come by office G1 on the Clovis Adult campus.