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1. Increase lung capacity. Playing the harmonica strengthens the diaphragm because it requires deep inhales and exhales.
2. Carry a song with you. It is the easiest instrument to take on the go! Just stick it in your pocket and when you are moved to play a tune it’s right there! Harmonicas are fairly inexpensive and easy to learn!
3. Creative outlet. Is there a song in your heart? Express yourself and let your creativity flow! Playing the harmonica can be a great expression of your creativity.
4. Learn something new. Grow as a person and improve your quality of life. It’s our Community Education theme and we are passionate about it!
5. Keep your brain sharp. Not only will the deep breathing help your body but concentrating on the notes and music will keep your brain functioning at top capacity! You will gain hand-eye coordination by playing the harmonica.
6. Create friendships. The best thing about all of our classes is that you get to meet people with similar interests. Many of our lifelong learners make lifelong friendships in Community Education classes.