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We have some fantastic professionals that can help you to learn something new and get you active!

NEW Karate Class!  This is a beginning level karate class taught by Sensei Quitoriano from Mr. C’s Karate in Clovis. Sensei will help improve and develop your physical strength, endurance, confidence, discipline, respect, and motivation. Both men and women are welcome!

Hula Hoop a Sport?  Yes.  You will be amazed at how much of a work out hula hoop can be!  Do you remember being a kid and just picking up that hula hoop and going for hours while listening to your favorite tunes?  This class is designed with fun in mind!  You will be amazed at how hula hooping strengthens your core and helps with balance.  It is a fun, motivating way to get your daily exercise!

Learn Golf from a Pro.  Learn the fundamentals to the short game, such as: putting, chipping, pitching, and sand. Also, how to hit fairway shots and tame your driver. Class is taught by USGTF Hall of Fame Instructor, Jim Perez, at Bluff Pointe Golf Course and Driving Range. Jim is also on CBS Channel 47 giving a tip of the week every Tuesday morning.

Acquire a Life-Long Love for Tennis.  Discover a great new way to get outside and exercise. Join our tennis instructor in a class devoted to learning the fundamentals involved in the game of tennis. In this six week program, you will learn the form of the many different shots and scoring system to get out on the court and navigate your way through competition. This class will emphasize the fundamentals of form with enjoyable exercise all while having a great time out on the court.

Learn a new sport and get active!

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