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Let’s Get STRONG!  Kettlebell Strong!

Fall in love with kettlebells, a versatile workout that can help you reach any fitness goals you desire.  Men and women of all fitness levels can use a single hand-held weight to gain strength, burn fat, build endurance, or simply to have fun!  Using kettlebells is a low impact exercise, yet still as challenging as you make it.  our experience certified trainer can help you customize your own workout to optimize your health and enjoy movement.  Give it a try, and discover what you can accomplish!

Bring your own kettlebell to class.  Beginners should get a 5-10lb kettlebell to start(Kettlebells can be purchased at Walmart, Big 5, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc.)

This class meet 5/16-6/29 T/Th from 5:45-6:45pm, 14 Classes for $89.  Register on our website, by phone at 327-2876, or come by the Community Ed office on the Clovis Adult Education campus.

Learn Something New and get STRONG with Clovis Community Ed!