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4 reasons to take exercise classes at Clovis Community Education

When we say community we mean community! You will find that our classes are held in a friendly, relaxed environment. Most of our students are just like you. They took the initiative to commit to something and have the desire to learn something new. Our students support each other, especially in our fitness classes.

2. No Gym Zone
If you don’t like the gym, this is the place for you! Gyms can be intimidating especially for people just wanting to get more active. It’s hard to form relationships with others at the gym because most people just want to get in and get out. Our classes are more affordable and much more relaxed than the gym environment. And no contracts!

3. More Bang for Your Buck
We are able to offer classes at reasonable prices. We are a non-profit organization. We are passionate about our classes and we want everyone to be able to afford them.

4. Community Education Teachers have Passion
We have the highest quality teachers around! They are individuals who are passionate about what they teach and want to share with their community. Sometimes, our students turn out to be lifers. They find a class and instructor that works for them and they never stop taking classes! We love lifelong learners!