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Spanish II

Reach Spanish fluency by participating in conversation practice sessions!  This is an intermediate Spanish course that will give you the confidence and ability to communicate more efficiently.  In this class you will learn the correct verb usage by learning how to use the six most important Spanish tenses.  With each session, you will increase your fluency and your writing skills.  Speaking and writing Spanish proficiently will enable you to build successful business relations in any type of profession.

Prerequisites for this class:  Spanish conversational or Spanish Intensive I.

Class meets twice a week, M/W 7/10-8/16 from 6:00-7:00pm, 12 classes for just $89, and includes a textbook.  Register on our website, by phone at 327-2876, or come by the Community Ed office in G1 on the Clovis Adult campus, located at 1452 David E. Cook Way, near the corner of Herndon and Sunnyside.

Learn Something New with Spanish II at Clovis Community Ed!