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Stressed?  We understand.  We believe in healthy living, mind, body and soul.  Look at some of our best stress relieving classes:

NEW Stress Happens!  Rather than fussing about the stress in our lives, we can put our energy into finding ways to become more stress-hardy. In this class we will explore stress relieving techniques that can be used immediately:  breathing to relax, guided imagery and gentle exercise for tension relief, mindfulness, simple time management and work/life balance tips, and much more. I invite you to take this opportunity to discover what calm and self-care can bring to your daily life.  Lynn Kimbark has worked in the Medical field for over 25 years as a Health Educator, guiding her patients and clients on their path to wellness, positive self-care, and stress management.

Meditation – Learn meditation techniques for everyday living.  Both guided meditation and self meditation techniques will be covered.  Begin a new routine that can help with improved memory and reduced stress levels.

Bonsai – This class is a gateway into the art of Bonsai. Students in this class will create their own Bonsai trees. Starting with a Pre-Bonsai tree and an empty pot, the class will move through the creation process. Students will learn how to shape, repot, treat illnesses, and properly water a Bonsai tree.  Students will also learn how to care for Bonsai, as well as the history and traditions relating to Bonsai. This class is designed for beginners or those who are looking to expand their knowledge.

Yoga – We offer many yoga classes during morning, evening and even Saturdays.  Check out our yoga classes HERE.

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