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Who We Are

We are Clovis Community Education at Clovis Adult Education part of the award winning Clovis Unified School District.  We offer a wide variety of enrichment classes for adults. Whether you want to explore the CREATIVE ARTS in one of our art classes or GET ACTIVE in one of our exercise classes, we have something for everyone at Clovis Community Education. We offer many PERSONAL ENRICHMENT classes along with BUSINESS AND COMPUTER programs. We even offer daytime classes for OLDER ADULTS. Or, maybe you are too busy to leave the house but still want to learn something new. We have a wide selection of ONLINE classes as well.

As if that is not enough, we also have a SUMMER FUN program for kids during the summer. Your kids will never be bored with our huge selection of Summer Fun classes. We have everything from Adventure, Art, Computer, Cooking, Foreign Language, Math, Reading, Science, Sports, Dance and More!!

Our teachers are professionals in their fields who share knowledge, expertise, and experiences in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Join today and learn something new!

As we always say, do it for fun, do it for life! To get started click here.

Band & Choir

A special part of our program is the Clovis Community Band and the Clovis Community Choir. These two groups are made of our musically gifted community members. Both the band and the choir are over 50 members strong each! Both groups perform concerts throughout the year. The concerts are always fantastic and always free admission!

Our Students

We have a wide range of students. Literally 4 to 104! Our Summer Fun program serves kids ages 4-13. Our Older Adult classes are for adults 50+ and are offered during the day.  Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to take any of our many Community Education classes.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are people who are passionate about the subjects they teach. They care about our community and want to provide an enriching experience for all of our students. Our teachers share their knowledge and expertise in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Our Classes

Most classes are held in the evenings during the week. We hold classes here at our Clovis Adult campus and at Clovis schools around the Clovis Unified School District. Clovis Community Education classes are not supported by state or federal tax funds. Students pay a class fee sufficient to cover the direct costs of instruction.

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Our Mission

The Community Education of Clovis Adult Education is dedicated to enriching the lives of our community members.

Do it for fun, do it for life!